World Champion Ironman Triathlete Pete Jacobs partners with Team USANA

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Pete grew up in a very healthy and active environment, he competed in Surf Lifesaving for as long as he can remember. When he realised his passion for running and finding his boy’s limits he quickly transitioned to triathletes, as surf lifesaving was limited to shorter races and included an element of luck in the surf. Pete raced his first long course triathlon when he was 18, and it was from then he knew he was right where he belonged. He believed triathlons gave him the opportunity to test his natural abilities and push himself to his absolute limits.

We asked Pete some questions to get to know him more:

Q: When did you first decide you wanted to be a professional Athlete?

A: I completed my first Ironman at the age of 20, and took nine and a half hours, exactly what I was hoping for, and from that race I felt something that sparked my dream to be the best in the world at this sport. 3 years later I completed my Landscaping apprenticeship and turned professional. It was another 7 years before I achieved my dream.

Q: What does your typical week look like?

A: Monday – main rest day, sometimes a strength circuit or swim/surf, and always a massage. Tuesday – 20km run, easy swim, & strength circuit. Wednesday – 2-3hr ride & sometimes a 20-30min run off the bike, 4-5km swim. Thursday – 20km run. easy ride or swim. Friday – sometimes strength circuit, 2hr ride, swim. Saturday – 3 hr ride, sometimes run off the bike, 4-5km swim. Sunday – long run 25-30km. Easy swim or gym.

Q: What has been your number one motivation when competing?

A: To feel the joy of pushing my body to the highest level. Going faster more efficiently, pushing through pain, and pushing past the competition. Training makes the body adapt so on race day those adaptations make me feel superhuman, like my body is the ultimate expression of my mind and soul to be the best that I can be. When it all connects and comes together the primal joy of reaching new levels is what I am chasing.

Q: What benefits have you found from USANA products?

A: I’ve found I’m regularly taking them, because of the convenience, the quality of the products (my confidence in the products helps me take them regularly), and my subsequent balanced/improved energy levels. The probiotic which does not need refrigeration makes travelling and staying healthy possible. I am more confident now that I am getting correct amounts of important nutrients to complement my regular diet

Q: From your experience of competing professionally as an elite athlete, what advice would you give to upcoming athletes, people who are interested in sport and their health?

A: I would advise upcoming athletes to read as much as they can from many different sources about the sport they have chosen and about health, fitness, and how the body works at the most basic level. Often athletes are given sessions by coaches, or nutritional advice from whoever, and take their word without researching the reasons behind that advice themselves. It’s important to learn from as many sources as possible, keep an open mind, question everything, and develop an inquisitive mind for the sport they are doing and what they are doing to their body, and why.


Career Highlights:

2016 – Huskisson Long Course Triathlon – 2nd

2015 – Bribie Island Triathlon Champion

2014 – Huskisson Long Course Champion

2013 – Sunshine Coast 70.3 Champion

2012 – Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Cairns 70.3 Champion, Philippines 70.3 Champion, Lake Placid Ironman Runner Up

2011 – Ironman Triathlon World Championships Runner Up (3rd fastest Run in IM history), Ironman Australia Champion

“I’ve battled fatigue since I was a teenager, and had to make that weakness my strength by training less in my journey to winning a world championship. Age and accumulative stress of training and racing many long hours has required extra assistance to reduce inflammation, keep my cells healthy, and ensure optimal intake of nutrients especially when my digestive system is not at its best. It fills me with confidence and energy to be on the USANA team as a sponsored athlete. I know my best years are ahead of me now” states Pete with great confidence.

We wish Pete the best of luck for his future endeavours and once again want to give him a very warm welcome to Team USANA!

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