What’s next for USANA and SurfAid? USANA True Health Foundation joins forces with the Nias project

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Where Is Nias?

To the west of Sumatra, and north of the Mentawai, lies the remote island of Nias – where maternal and infant mortality rates are well above national figures.

Why are we focusing on Nias?

Nias is a beautiful, wave rich island and holiday destination, popular amongst surfers; however, despite this visiting wealth, Nias ranks amongst the poorest areas in Indonesia.  These wave rich islands are top tier destinations for surf tourists, but at the bottom tier for service provisions and poverty. Step off the beach and into the small villages, and a different Nias emerges.

Approximately 17% of people live below the national poverty line – nearly double the national average; another 40% teeter dangerously close it. Poverty is one of the biggest contributors to food insecurity and malnutrition. Incomes are insufficient to meet basic household needs, including clean water and sanitation, basic healthcare and adequate nutrition.

SurfAid specialises in working in remote areas in Indonesia.

Why is the True Health Foundation involved?

THF mission is to ensure that impoverished children and families reach their fullest potential by providing food and nutrition. Since 2012 we’ve had an extraordinary impact including: $9million donated, 40 million meals provided and 26 countries have been reached. Through their powerful partnerships, THF provide programs that span the globe. Together with SurfAid, USANA and THF want their charitable impact to be felt around the world!

SurfAid x USANA True Health Foundation Project Intervention

This project will support economic development to further improve food security in Nias. Working across 37 villages (30,498 people) in the sub-districts of Hiliduho and Gido to secure year around access to sufficient food for a healthy life.

Food security is a multi-dimensional concept. Agricultural production, nutrition, income, food quality, clean water, sanitation, and feeding and caring practices all impact on food security.

This project will focus primarily on increasing incomes, with complementary educational activities to address the multifaceted contributors to food insecurity.

USANA very own Chief Sales Officer, David Mulham along with USANA Athlete and Professional Australian Surfer Felicity Palmateer, will be attending this worthwhile project, with the aim to bring positive and necessary changes to the most affect people in Nias.

What does this mean?

61 groups of approximately 311 farmers and health volunteers will receive materials, coaching and training to start small businesses, with the aim to build health status of mothers and children and the quality of health services; with gains sustained through income-generating activities

For more information visit surfaid.com

Where to Donate?

We are inspired by the work of SurfAid and want to support them by raising money as part of participation in SurfAid Cup Bondi 2019. Please help us help them by giving whatever you can using the ‘Give Now‘ button.


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