What makes USANA Essentials different?

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Down the aisles of supermarkets and in the shopping cart of online marketing, you will find a myriad of multivitamin products – from the inexpensive brands that provide vitamins and minerals at bare minimum levels to those that offer advanced nutrition. Sometimes knowing what you are getting can be very confusing, since supplements are not created equal. A simple rule to keep in mind, when choosing a supplement, is that good health should be guarded with utmost security and attention!

what makes essential different

So what makes USANA Essentials™ Mega Antioxidant & MultiMineral different?


  1. 1. A Balanced Comprehensive Formula: Containing full array of vital nutrients including 13 vitamins, nine minerals, 13 phytonutrients, and five supporting nutrients.


  1. 2. Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Protection: With more than 20 antioxidants including natural phytonutrients from pure plant extracts.


  1. 3. Higher Bioavailability: Nutrient bioavailability indicates the degree and rate at which the nutrients are absorbed by the body and delivered to the bloodstream. In a clinical study, serum levels of vitamins C, B2 and B6 in healthy adults were measured after five diverse dietary supplements were taken. USANA Essentials delivered more nutrients to the blood stream than all the other products tested.1


  1. 4. Higher Plasma Antioxidant Reserve (PAR): PAR is a method used to measure the overall resistance of plasma to oxidative stress in the human body. Seven hours after supplementation, USANA Essentials outperformed all other products tested by 1.5-3.0 times, delivering the highest PAR level.1


  1. 5. Optimal Nutrient Forms: When compared to six popular multivitamin brands, USANA Essentials MultiMineral provides most minerals in chelated forms. Chelated minerals are minerals attached to organic acid or amino acids and so have better bioavailability.


  1. 6. Unique Nutrient Complex: USANA Essentials provides vitamin C from a unique combination of mineral ascorbates, which are less acidic, less irritating to the stomach and retained longer in the bloodstream.2 USANA Essentials provides Olivol™† – an exclusive patented olive fruit extract that offers enhanced antioxidant protection.


  1. 7. Advanced Nutrition: Each Recommended Daily Dosage (RDD) of USANA Essentials provides higher total nutrient level and higher levels of many essential vitamins and minerals when compared with the RDDs of the other six multivitamin brands.


  1. high potency table
    8. High Potency: It would require consuming multitudes of RDDs from the other six multivitamin brands in order to obtain the same levels of many vitamins and minerals provided in each RDD of USANA Essentials. For example, it would require five times the RDD from Brand A, or nine times the RDD from Brand B, to obtain the same level of vitamin C contained in a daily dosage of Essentials.

      Advance Nutritional

    1. 9. Advanced Nutrition at Great Value

      How much are you really paying? The chart below illustrates the four-week cost for USANA Essentials, as well as for the other six multivitamin brands if the same daily total nutrient level were to be provided in each product. USANA Essentials not only offers nutrients in optimal and absorbable forms, but also provides advanced nutrition at great value.

    For more information about USANA’s Essentials click here, please log in to enjoy the Preferred Price.

    WARNING: Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.




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    † USANA OlivolTM Protected Under US Patents 6,358,542 or 6,361,803.

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