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InCelligence - Unlock the VisionScience is just who we are.

Take a walk through the halls of USANA’s office in Salt Lake City, and you’ll see plenty of people in lab coats. Listen carefully and you’ll hear a strange language filled with mysterious words and phrases like mitophagy, glutathione reductase, oxidative phosphorylation, and nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor.

Look around at some of the walls on the third floor. You’ll only see posters of scientific studies for decoration. The coats aren’t a fashion statement. The scientific language isn’t a secret code. And the posters weren’t hung to create a particular feng shui. It’s just who USANA is, and we’re proud of it.

We Heart Science
We’ve been nerdy since ’92—way before it was cool. We can’t help it, and we don’t hide it. In fact, we embrace the scientific culture coded into our DNA. Science is literally in our name — USANA Health Sciences. You’d expect nothing less from a company founded by a world-renowned microbiologist, Dr. Myron Wentz.

Why do we do what we do?
You aren’t born with the passion and vision required to alter the world. If only it were that simple. The creation of monumental change comes at monumental cost, too often paid in the currency of personal tragedy. At 17, Dr. Wentz lost his father to heart disease. He was the first of many family members taken too soon by degenerative disease.

It was then Dr. Wentz decided to look for solutions in his other love — science, and developed his vision and dream of a world free from pain and suffering.

Dr. Wentz’ dreams of a world free from disease and believes the USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth.

“Share my vision. Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.”

Our Scientific Method
Scientific innovation is work and time, trial and error, and an adherence to a standard set of steps — the hypothesizing and testing found in the scientific method.

We start in the pages of scientific literature, reading the current research. Kevin Spelman, PhD, USANA’s executive vice president of research and development, says our scientists also look at what innovative practitioners are doing, too.

After investigating the findings, a hypothesis is developed. That’s a familiar step. But the next step isn’t something you learned in middle-school science class.

“When we have that hypothesis, we’ll all put ourselves in a room and have a spirited debate on whether the model is accurate,” Spelman says.

From there, our scientists start to support the hypothesis or not. This could lead to a pilot study and further investigations by one of our research partners. The result of the testing either proves or disproves the hypothesis, and those results help shape our conclusions, which then develop the products you trust every day.

A Glimpse of the Future
Science is maybe the closest thing we have to real magic. Instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, scientists search the unknown, working to pull knowledge from nothingness. Our scientists continue to search the uncharted frontiers of nutritional science, discovering the next groundbreaking innovation that will brighten the future.

The search has already returned amazing new results. And we’re ready to make a major step into the future of nutritional science at the 2016 USANA International Convention! We hope to see you there!

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  1. Josie Tong says:

    I am so glad to be part of this company. The products have been life changing for me and my Family. We live and breathe USANA. It is our way of life.

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