Team USANA joins forces with 5-time national champion professional Taekwondo athlete Tyrone Staben

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USANA Australia is excited to officially welcome Taekwondo superstar Tyrone Staben to Team USANA. Tyrone is currently ranked No.1 in Australia and has represented Australia twice at the Taekwondo World Championships.

When Tyrone was 8 years old he was having cognitive learning issues as well as terrible co-ordination. Tyrone couldn’t jog on the spot without losing balance. When he was asked to duplicate a sentence as a test at an optometrist he wrote it in mirror image without even realising. This is when his family and the optometrist came to the conclusion Tyrone has some developmental problems to fix. The optometrist suggested that Tyrone learn a martial art to assist in developing the fundamental motor skills and cognitive qualities he was deprived of. From then on he joined the local Taekwondo club.

Tyrone now represents Australia at multiple competitions internationally at 16 years of age and is consistently an A grade student.

Before Tyrone decided he wanted to continue as a professional athlete, he experienced a whirlwind of emotions, and he pin points the exact moment he want to further his sporting career to the best of his abilities. Tyrone states “There was a definite time when I made that decision, which was before my first world championships in 2014. I had won the selection and the opportunity was awaiting me, but one day I had a big nervous breakdown. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or not because I was nervous about competing against other countries at a high level. It was soon after that I decided that I should embrace the experience and see how it goes. I have never looked back since. I believe that my first international competition was the best time in my life to this day, because it was exciting and new. It gave me the hunger to keep striving for gold. After that experience, I upped my training and have stayed focused and motivated to this day.”

His number one motivation when competing is “the feeling of winning. There’s no way to explain it. You can only understand the feeling from having done it. Becoming a champion is the best feeling. It’s when you’ve worked so hard, it all pays off and you feel like you have endless energy in the ring. I do not give in to other’s expectations of me. I go out there to win for myself.”

Sporting Achievements:


Presidents Cup – Silver Medalist
National Champion
Competed at ‘Junior World Championships’ in Canada
Oceania Champion
Junior Athlete of the Year (Club Award)


Gold Coast Open Junior Division – Silver Medalist
Gold Coast Open Senior Division Champion
Australian Open – Bronze Medalist
National Champion
Chosen by the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
Earned 2nd Dan Black Belt


Australian World Selections Champion
Competed at Azerbaijan Cadet World Championship
National Champion
Oceania Champion
Australian Open – Silver Medalist
Chosen by the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)
Cadet Competition Team Award (Club)

Moving forward Tyrone’s ultimate goal is to win for Australia at the Olympics in Tokyo, 2020.

With strong enthusiasm Tyrone believes “It’s an honour be a member of the USANA team. I am a Taekwondo fighter and their products allow me to perform at my optimum all year round, as they never fail to ensure that I am provided with nutrients that fuel the fire.” We wish Tyrone the best of luck for his future endeavours and once again want to give him a very warm welcome to Team USANA!

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  1. Darren Whelan says:

    Tyrone is a fierce competitor and a champion at heart, yet is also humble and caring of all those around him.

    Congratulations Tyrone on joining team Usana, and also team Usana for picking up and promoting a person worthy of sponsership.

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