Team USANA Heads to the 2018 Commonwealth Games!

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We are excited to announce that team USANA Athletes have qualified! Our team USANA Athletes are high performance machines; they wake up every morning with one goal. To Win. That is why athletes need to fuel their body with the “good stuff” to perform at an exceptional level. Keep reading to find out which athletes have qualified and how USANA has helped there journey to the 2018 Commonwealth Games thus far!

Paul Adams – ISSF Trap Mixed Shooter

“USANA helps me focus to deliver optimum health care along with outstanding athletic performance at the shooting range. Rev 3 energy is my choice of natural and scientifically proven energy.”

William Godward – Riffler Shooter

“As a rifle shooter results are measured in micro millimetres, so I need to know that my mind and body will perform at its 100% in competition. I know I have the backing of the best products that will support me on and off the range.”

James Willett – 2017 World No. 1 Double Trap Shooter

“The USANA Healthpak has been great in my preparations leading up to the Commonwealth Games with the multiple selection events and overseas competitions, I am travelling so much it is hard to get the perfect balance of food all of the time but I know  USANA Healthpak helps me getting the essential vitamins and minerals I need to be as healthy as possible.”

Elena Galiabovitch – Pistol Shooting

“I am always on the go and pushing myself as hard as I can working full time and being a competitive pistol shooter. I am glad that through USANA I know that I will be getting the optimal micronutrients I need to keep going and recover well.”

Dane Sampson – Riffle Shooter

“USANA products have helped me in training and competitions leading up to the Commonwealth Games by helping me be sharp, focused and feeling energised for every session.  I use the Health pack daily to cover all bases, making sure I am not missing out on any essential nutrients that I may not get from my diet.”

Sawan Serasinghe – Badminton

“I can always count on USANA CellSentials® to ensure that I get the right multivitamins and antioxidants on a daily basis to make sure I am supplying my body all the right things.”

Leeanne Choo – Badminton

“Badminton is a sport that involves power, strength and speed. I’m on court 6 days a week on and off the court. Fuelling my body with the right nutrients is important and I can trust USANA Coquinone 100 provides me with the energy support I need to perform the best I can.”

Brianna Beahan – Hurdles

“My journey to make the Commonwealth Games has required perseverance, hard work and balance. USANA’s CellSentials and Magnecal D has provided consistency with not only my health, but my ability to perform as an elite athlete. Proflavanol C100 helps ensure my immune health is robust and resilient.”

Heming Hu – Australia’ No.2 Table Tennis

“As an elite Table Tennis player who is on the quest for Gold in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It is imperative that I keep myself in optimal condition both physically and mentally. The help of USANA products such as Visionex and HealthPak, has assisted my highly physical playing style that comes with the sport”

Jason Whateley – Boxing

“I take my CellSentials®, every day to keep my body in good health which is extremely important as an elite athlete, so I can have high levels of energy but also to keep my immune function strong and healthy, basically so I can continually train hard and not miss any training sessions.”

David Mckeon – Swimming

“I use the USANA Rev before my afternoon training sessions to give me an extra boost going into my 3rd training session for the day”

Luke Wadsworth – Australia’s No.1 Gymnast

“What I like most about the Whey Protein Booster is that it’s light and can be easily added into a smoothie. Having extra protein after training has never been more convenient.”

Brooke Neal – New Zealand Field Hockey Player

“CellSentials are a vital part of my daily life, especially when travelling. Training and competing almost every day, I can’t afford to get run down or sick. CellSentials help to ensure that my immune system is running well, so I can train more and recover better.”

David Bishop – New Zealand Gymnast

“If I’m telling a friend about CellSentials I tell them that CellSentials provides the essential vitamins and minerals that I need to help me get through a busy, exhausting day and still wake up the next day ready to do it all again.”

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label

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