Sports and CellSentials with gymnast Luke Wadsworth

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Our in-house Team USANA sponsorship guru, Silvana Dimitrijevic, sat down with gymnastics dynamo Luke Wadsworth to talk all things sport and how USANA’s supplements play a part in his daily life and performance.

Tell me about your background, how did you start in your chosen sport?

I started gymnastics at the age of 5, I walked into our local gym with mum and wanted to learn to flip. Loved it straight away and never looked back since.

What has been your number one motivation when competing?

Hard to put it on one single motivating factor. I like to relate to the quote or saying from LeBron James. Just “Strive for greatness”. Doing the best you can is the best feeling anyone can have so keep striving to make yourself as good as it can be.

what are your sporting career highlights?

  • Winning my first nationals level 9 under 17s.
  • Competing at my first senior word championships 2010
  • Competing at 2015 Commonwealth Games
  • Winning my first senior nationals 2016
  • Winning 5 back to back Victorian championships.
  • Most successful Victorian gymnast in history

How do you compare USANA Nutritional supplements to other supplements and products?

After trying a few different brands I believe USANA have some of the best products around. They share the same vision as most athletes.

And what benefits have you found from USANA products?

Recover quicker, more energy and motivation to train.

Its an exciting opportunity and honour to join the team USANA as an athlete. Gymnastics as a sport requires the highest level of strength, flexibility, and balance and USANA provides me the best products to stay at that level throughout training and competition.

What is your favourite USANA supplement? Why do you choose USANA’s products over other popular retail multi vitamin’s in the market?

CellSentials® gives me confidence that I’m getting all the nutrients I need during those tough training times. I was recently preparing for a World Cup and I started to feel run down, but CellSentials helped me get back the energy I needed to get through the tough sporting demand and have a successful competition. I really think the best thing I’ve felt is my energy level. I used to get sick a lot preparing for competitions so it’s been nice to be able to stay healthy even through those stressful times.

Luke is currently competing at the 2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne. You can check him out at the event from 21 – 27 May. Good luck Luke!

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