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Science_Behind_InCelligenceWe’ve come a long way since Antoine Lavoisier, the “Father of Nutrition and Chemistry”, discovered the process by which food is metabolised in 1770. Every so often a huge leap is made – and it’s safe to say that the next era of nutritional science is InCelligence.

Now let’s rewind back to 1968 when Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, famously created the term Orthomolecular Nutrition. He proposed a theory whereby giving the right molecules in the right concentrations ensured that nutrients would be more efficiently utilised by people in order to achieve better health and prolong life.

InCelligence has gone one step further than this and has integrated cellular signaling and communication into the equation. By doing this we have unlocked the key to empowering our cells and providing personalised optimal nutrition.

What would customers be surprised to learn about USANA’s Department of Health & Science Education?

The depth of our experience and education, specifically as it relates to human clinical research, nutrition, cellular biology and overall health might be surprising to some. Many similar companies don’t have this level of experience and education in these fields. We are focused on helping educate and support Associates, customers and prospective customers. This unique advantage helps our customers and Associates stay afloat amidst the constant bombardment of new scientific information. We are so dedicated to education. We even have a fantastic resource called Ask the Scientists, just to share information with the USANA family.

How do InCelligence products differ from other products on the market today?

USANA InCelligence is on the cutting edge of nutritional science. If the products are not made correctly and at the highest quality, the benefit of the product can be highly compromised. We are unique in that we are one of a very few companies that manufacture our own tablets. We conduct hundreds of tests on our different products both during development and on the finished products to ensure they meet all of our quality standards. USANA also uses several third-party organisations to substantiate and validate the quality of all our products. What really sets us apart, though, is the experience and knowledge involved in every aspect of the products, from raw materials to finished product.

How can associates explain the need for USANA InCelligence to customers?

The body is a complex, high-performance organism. Adequate sleep, activity and fuel are required to maintain optimal performance. A lack in any of these areas can be very detrimental. Recent advances in the field of nutritional science have found that it is possible to leverage the body’s natural intellect to become more efficient at empowering better health. The primary purpose of USANA InCelligence is to provide nutrients that help maintain the health of the cells, organs and body.

What is the most important thing for associates to know about USANA science?

Real science is a slow, deliberate and painstaking process. It is methodical and detailed. For every product or ingredient change we bring to market, many times more are discarded or shelved during research and development due to many factors. If we cannot be certain of the safety, efficacy and benefit to the consumer, it simply does not get out to the public as a product.

USANA Health Sciences focuses on the science of nutrition to provide you with products that are scientifically formulated to help you enhance your health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions about the science behind USANA or any of our products, make sure you visit our “Ask the Scientists” resource which can be accessed from The Hub and our website.

Wow your family and friends with the vast scientific knowledge made available to you! Remember, the first step to a healthier better you ultimately comes down to you actually making an effort. Things don’t just change – you have to make them change! Don’t expect your health to get better if you don’t pay attention to it!

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label.

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