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A powerful and visual way to share your glowing results while using Celavive is to take a great before and after selfie. As well as showing your real results, it’s your chance to WIN our Social Media Competition! We’ve got a quick before and after selfie guide to help you take the best photos.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Follow these top six tips to take a perfect before and after photo:

1. Lighting

Good lighting is key but can be tricky to achieve. Natural light is always best, so try to take your photo during the day. If possible, stand in front of a window or somewhere with filtered sunlight. Avoid directly facing the sun as it can create unwanted shadows and cause you to squint.

2. All in the Angle

It’s all in the angle. It’s common for people to angle their phone or camera upwards when taking selfies, but when taking a before or after photo, it’s best to bring the camera closer to your face. Use the selfie mode on your phone or camera so you can get a good look at yourself.

3. Makeup

Be sure to have a clean, makeup-free face with your hair pulled back. Feel free to apply your Celavive moisturiser, but avoid any makeup in your photo.

4. Expression

We love to see you smile, but for before and after photos, showing off your pearly whites can alter your appearance. It’s best to look straight into the camera with a relaxed, natural expression.

5. #NoFilter

A good filter or app helps us achieve photo perfection, but we want to show your true, beautiful results. With Celavive, there’s no need to use fancy filters, so avoid creating images that are enhanced or modified in any way.

6. Consistency

We recommend posting before and after photos that use the same lighting and angles each time. Be sure to wear similar colours and styles in both photos. Continue tracking your progress, and share your results every four weeks.

Don’t Forget to Hashtag!

When you post your selfies to social media, remember to make your post public, tag USANA Australia or USANA New Zealand and use #CelaviveSelfie #CelaviveReflection and follow the competition instructions by clicking here!

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