Five InCelligence Takeaways

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5_Takeaways_InCelligenceUSANA’s InCelligence has sparked a revolution in nutritional science. Now instead of adopting a shot-gun approach to your health, you can actually take comfort in a solution that helps empower your body to enhance your health and wellbeing. The future is now and true health starts with you.

Nourish, Protect, Renew

This superior triple-action system will nourish, protect and renew cells for optimal healthy cellular function. Let’s face it — everyone at some stage has been guilty of neglecting their health and succumbing to the time pressures of everyday life. It is safe to say that many people don’t get enough essential nutrition in their day-to-day diet, but USANA’s InCelligence provides potent amounts of micronutrients to nourish your cells and help keep them healthy. InCelligence also acts to renew your cells by supporting your cells’ natural clean-up process, called mitophagy, to remove and recycle the damaged mitochondria. This allows your cells to function more smoothly and easily to support efficient energy production.

InCelligence Complex

The InCelligence Complex is a ground-breaking combination of powerful nutrients that promotes the cell’s ability to produce its own antioxidants and supports the body’s natural cellular process. Any antioxidants we get from food or supplements are called exogenous antioxidants. The addition of InCelligence takes this much further. The InCelligence Complex enhances the protection of your cells by supporting their own antioxidants produced within the cells called endogenous antioxidants, which are potentially hundreds of times more powerful for quenching free radicals than exogenous antioxidants – meaning your cells are better able to protect themselves. (Think of it as teaching a man to fish, rather than just giving him a fish.)

Our Vision has not Changed

USANA’s founder Dr. Myron Wentz has always envisioned a world free from pain and suffering. InCelligence is an extension of this quest for optimal health and wellbeing. InCelligence is the next chapter of a very encapsulating story (pun intended) and is the foundation for the next decade of scientific innovation and research.

“Our scientific team has been studying the effects of the CellSentials and the results are impressive. We have found that the new CellSentials formula can deliver important health benefits in a relatively short amount of time. I’m excited for the entire USANA family to experience these health results for themselves” – Dr. Mark Levy, Senior Scientist at USANA

Health Begins on a Cellular Level

Most of the cells in your body have mitochondria – the powerhouses of your cells where ATP (cellular energy) is made. The process of making cellular energy creates a lot of free radicals, which, over time, will damage some of your mitochondria. The InCelligence Complex supports mitophagy, to remove and recycle the damaged mitochondria. (Think of it as cleaning all of the garbage out of your office so you can do your work without distraction.) As we know, our bodies are made up of millions of cells so it is important that we are healthy on a microscopic scale in order for our whole body to reap the benefits.

Knowledge is Power — Share like a Pro!

As with most things in life, the more knowledge you have, the more predisposed you are to making the right choices. When it comes to potentially the most important aspect of your life, health, knowledge can mean the difference between living a long fulfilling life and a life plagued by degenerative disease. It is important to understand that USANA’s new scientific breakthrough means that our InCelligence products are the next frontier of nutritional science.

Now, if you don’t take supplements then how would you know if they work or not? Similarly, if you do take supplements, how do you know if you are taking the right ones for you? The key to helping others grow their understanding about supplements and health in general is education. Once people understand the science behind our groundbreaking products, the transition will be seamless and they will never go back to their old ways.

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label.


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