Duffield sisters combine forces with USANA: Triathlete Katy Duffield joins Team USANA

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Katy_DuffieldUSANA Australia is excited to welcome Katy Duffield to Team USANA. Katy will join the team alongside many amazing USANA sponsored athletes including her twin sister Michelle.

Katy, who is ranked #19* in the world, said she is “incredibly excited to be partnering with USANA”.

“I have trusted their products for many years to help keep my body in peak physical condition,” she said. “The training demands of being a full time professional triathlete can put a massive strain on the body, which is why I trust USANA to help keep me healthy. The USANA products help with my daily energy levels and aid the recovery process. I wouldn’t have anyone else on my team.”

Katy, who started competing in triathlons nearly 10 years ago after witnessing the fun and the sense of accomplishment her sister got when she competed, said since her first triathlon all those years ago she has never looked back.
Katy said triathlon is a sport that is comprised of three sports in one.

“My ‘chosen’ distance in the sport is one that requires incredible endurance (3.8km swim/ 180km bike/ 42.2km run), for this reason I am always looking to maintain my daily energy levels to meet the demands of my training load. I also need to maintain my joint mobility for longevity in the sport, and protein is a must for speedy muscle recovery,” she said.

This year, Katy is taking the plunge into a full-time training and racing career as a professional athlete.

“This is something I have worked so hard for and I am excited about the opportunities I will be faced with over the coming years,” she said. “I hope to explore my potential as I push my body and mind to the limit.”

Katy said in the short term she will be focusing on training and racing consistently, while long term she hopes to contend with the best women in the sport and turn some heads at a world championship event.”

Over the years Katy has had lots of highlights, “especially since racing at the professional level” but one of her favourites is at the Busselton 70.3 in 2014.

Katy said a healthy lifestyle is essential in order to train and compete at her best.

“USANA helps ‘fill the gaps’ in my daily diet. It gives me piece of mind that my body is getting what it needs to maintain a healthy balance,” she said.
“I am always looking to get an edge over my competitors and there are so many big gains to be made simply by making the right lifestyle choices,” she said.

“As a professional athlete I must adhere to strict drug regulations as set by ASDA. I have been drug tested while using the products and I have never had an issue. I have put my career as a professional athlete in their hands”.

Katy’s usual routine consists of “train, eat, sleep, repeat” and each day is meticulously planned out with “nothing left to chance”. She said maintaining focus is simply a matter of asking yourself “how bad do you want it?”

“If you are willing to put everything on the line for it and work your butt off day and night for it, then that is what you will do. I don’t wake up each morning and wonder how I am going to work towards my goal today. I know exactly what I need to do! Each day I get out of bed with a clear goal. I am excited to go out and chase my dream, so I’d say this is what keeps me going. I love what I do and I’m willing to do what it takes,” she said.

Katy’s advice for anyone thinking of joining the sport or becoming and athlete is to “go for it!” She said to “take the leap of faith and do what you need to do to experience success”.

*rank as of March 2016

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