The Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge | How to Take Before & After Photos

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We have a few handy tips to help you capture your Be Healthy journey in the best way you can!

1.    Take photos first thing in the morning before consuming any food or beverages.

2.    Choose clothes that show your body shape. For a better visual comparison, wear form-fitting clothes like active wear. For your After photo, we recommend you wear the same outfit as worn in the Before photo to emphasise your transformation.

3.    Let there be light! Find an area with plain walls and plenty of lighting. Dim lighting and shadows will distort the way you actually look.

4.    Take full-body images at eye level.  Keep your device close to eye level, and avoid angling it higher or lower. Mirror selfies are probably not your best option so ask a friend or family member you feel comfortable with to take your photo. Alternatively use the timer option on your camera or smartphone.

5.    Make sure your posture is straight. Roll your shoulders back and keep your torso centred.

6.    Shoot from three angles—your front, side and back. When you take your After shot, always shoot the same side for consistency.

Taking progress shots can help you keep your motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. Good quality photos will allow you to see how far you’ve come, making your journey feel much more rewarding!


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