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Model holding USANA Celavive Eye Essence

Have you dreamed of a skincare product promising youth-preserving results only to be let down time and time again? Now you can make that dream a reality.

Launch Time!

USANA in Australia and New Zealand is proud to launch its high-performance skincare system, USANA Celavive®, at its 20th Anniversary Celebrations today in Sydney and on the 19th January in Auckland.

What Makes Celavive Unique?

This unique line is fuelled by USANA InCelligence® complex, a combination of powerful peptides, botanicals and key nutrients that talk to your skin’s cells to target your unique beauty needs.

As we age, our cellular function slows and becomes less effective, resulting in wrinkles and loss of firmness. By tapping into USANA InCelligence®, Celavive is able to signal your beauty-preserving functions to support your natural ability to retain moisture from within. It also supports other key elements that help contribute to a younger-looking complexion.

In addition to the InCelligence® Complex, Celavive products also feature USANA’s Olivol™ Botanical Blend — a combination of olive, apple, lentil, and watermelon fruit extracts that have been clinically proven to provide 24 hours of rich hydration after just one application.

What’s Missing from Celavive?

All Celavive products are free from harsh preservatives such as parabens and go through rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.

Let’s Hear It from an Expert

“USANA’s advanced technology has taken traditional skincare to a whole new level. With botanicals and powerful peptides, Celavive goes beyond the surface to communicate with your cells and help you achieve healthier looking, more radiant skin.”
– Dr. Jennifer Lee, Dermatologist

Insider Knowledge

“This advanced beauty line responds to each individual, fighting the appearance of both chronological and lifestyle stress ageing. We’ve seen incredible improvements in the look of skin tone, texture and wrinkles. It’s truly unique.”
– Ashley Collins, VP of Marketing and Public Relations at USANA.

“Celavive is going to revolutionise the skincare market, providing consumers the unique ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rejuvenate your youthful appearance,”
– Geoff Watt, Regional General Manager at USANA in Australia and New Zealand

It’s time to talk to your skin, and tell it to be amazing again, with Celavive.

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