7 surprising spring health hacks

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After months of scoffing chocolate and hiding under layers, now’s the perfect time for a health boost.

A whopping 44 per cent of us pile on up to five kilos during winter – yikes! And while we’re very anti-dieting here at Business Chicks, the warmer weather is a good excuse to give your health a good kick up the (hopefully soon-to-be-perky) bum. Scientist at USANA Health Sciences, Sheila Zhou, shares her top tips for wellbeing …

1. Turn it down. The change of seasons can be hard on your sleeping routine due to the change of temperature. As your body’s natural temperature instinctively lowers as it prepares for sleep, turning the air-conditioning on right before going to bed can trick your brain into falling asleep faster. Setting a timer to increase the temperature before your alarm goes off in the morning is also a simple way to naturally end your sleep cycle and slowly wake yourself up.

2. Use the extra light for good, not evil. Once daylight savings kicks in you may love having the extra hour of daylight, but there’s a catch. The change in light time often means you end up staying awake later than usual, and the longer you’re awake the more likely you are to indulge in night-time snacks. Rather than consuming a sugar-laden chocolate bar, go for a handful of almonds instead.

3. Be prepared. If you’re not a morning person, trying to squeeze a workout in before work can be tricky. A great trick to stop you from hitting the snooze button one to many times, and actually making it to your workout, is wearing your comfortable gym gear to bed. This not only helps you get out the door quicker, but the clothes also shouldn’t be too different than your regular PJs – so you’re not sacrificing on sleep.

4. Keep it simple. Many people believe that eating well takes a great amount of time and effort, but there are actually thousands of fuss-free recipes that are both delicious and healthy. Look for ones that incorporate ingredients rich in carotenoids and vitamin A and E, such as quinoa and nuts, and omega-3, like fish. If you aren’t a fan of fish, but are looking to introduce more omega-3 into your diet, try a supplement like USANA’s BiOmega Capsules. These ingredients are not only great detoxifiers, but they also help improve the health of all vital organs, boost energy levels and achieve glowing skin.

5. Think before you drink. There’s nothing like drinking an icy cold drink on a warm spring day! Unfortunately though, many of our refreshing favourites such as chilled smoothies, frozen slurpees and iced teas can contain excessive amounts of sugar that hardly even keep you full. Go for iced water with lemon instead, or a fruit tea.

6. Spring clean your surroundings. An organised room or office space means you’ll actually be able to find something when you want it. Not only does giving your personal spaces a thorough clean help with allergies over the spring season, but spending your time in a streamlined space has also been proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

7. Protect yourself. After the cooler months your body’s immune system is likely quite weak. To get your immunity back on track, incorporate additional booster foods such as raw garlic and carrots into your diet.

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